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The Industrial and Commercial Perks of Urethane Paint

Urethane Paint

Urethane paints seem to be everywhere these days, but do you know what makes them so popular? This week we will take a good look at the properties of urethane paints.

First off, we should understand that urethane paints do not actually contain the material that meets the true chemical definition of urethane, which is ethyl carbamate. Actual urethane is used in the veterinary field as an anesthetic. You certainly do not want that in your paint!    Urethane linkages are formed by a reaction between isocyanates and polyols. These linkages are what give urethane paints their fantastic characteristics.

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Painting Contractors In Maryland

Maryland Painting Contractors

If you’re looking for painting contractors in Maryland, you’ve likely come across dozens of painters and companies offering painting services. From residential painting to industrial painting and commercial painting, most local regions have a wide range of painting services they can choose from. With so many Maryland painters available, it can be tough to make the right choice. Where do you start?

One of the most important things when researching painting contractors is the source you find the information. There’s a lot of great resources online to gather the appropriate information you need. Review websites such as Google Plus, Yelp and Rate It All are a few good platforms to start. And these are some of the platforms where you’ll find reviews on our company.

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Installing Urethane Cement – Part One

This is part one of our video series on “Installing Urethane Cement” and discussing some of the benefits of urethane cement. Urethane cement offers excellent protection from excess moisture, and has the durability to be cleaned in abundance without wearing down.

Earlier this year, we used urethane cement in a flooring project in Baltimore, Maryland. A local food manufacturer was experiencing flooring issues in the dock room. The dock room takes a lot of hard cleaners. The room was always cleaned with chemicals because they dealt with foods.

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Industrial Painting & Commercial Painting – Elastomeric Coatings

Elastomeric Coatings- Flexible and Breathable

If you are thinking about using elastomeric paints on your building surface or floor, you will want to check out the blog post at

What makes elastomeric coatings so flexible and breathable?

Of course, the answer lies in the chemistry.

Elastomers are composed of long chainlike molecules that are irregularly coiled.  They can stretch between 300% and 600% of their original shape and still return to normal. This is because the molecules will straighten in the direction they are pulled. When the force releases, they go back to their irregular formation.

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Amusement Park Painting – Commercial Painting & Industrial Painting

commercial painting

One of our annual projects includes painting miscellaneous rides and equipment for a local amusement park.  These projects can prove to be an estimating challenge due to the complex and unusual nature of the substrates.  But although challenging, these projects often offer a unique change of scenery for the installers, which always brings out their best work.

45′ steel columns required pressure washing and repainting.  Upon original inspection, the existing coats appeared to only be painting towards the bottom (which was also the only place where I could closely examine).  However, while pressure washing, the columns began shedding all of their coats, exposing much more steel than I originally estimated.  This resulted in more hours to prep, more hours to clean the paint chips and residue, and more time to coat the increased amount of substrate.  The columns ended up going about 30 hours over budget.

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Polyaspartics vs. Epoxy Coatings: Adhesion, Cure Time, and Strength

You may have already read the blog post “The Epic Showdown – Epoxy Coatings vs. Polyaspartic Coatings.”

Now, we will look at some detailed differences between the two types of coatings, this time, in reference to adhesion, cure time, and strength.


Both types of material have good adhesion depending on proper surface preparation.

Many manufacturers will tell you that epoxy coatings give you better concrete adhesion.

Why is this so?

Epoxy coatings form a protective layer over flooring, adding a new color or gloss to your grey concrete.

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Commercial Painting Companies In Pennsylvania

The appearance of your business plays a vital role on many levels when it comes to how customers view your brand. We should all strive to have a business that is welcoming, comfortable, inviting and clean. It’s safe to say that your businesses’ appearance plays a role in branding and marketing also. What customers think matters and their opinions can affect your bottom line.

At PennCoat Inc., we listen to your needs and work with you to bring your design ideas to life. We work side by side to improve the appearance of your commercial business, giving your current customers and future customers a place they can feel comfortable and safe.

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