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Epoxy Failures and Solutions – Vapor Transmissions

Vapor Transmissions and Floor Coatings

Concrete epoxy floor coatings are known to be sensitive to excess moisture. How this works may be surprising to you if you have not looked into it before.

Where is the moisture coming from?

Moisture problems in concrete occur in 2 different ways- moisture content in the concrete itself, and vapor transmission from below. The moisture itself is not always an issue as many epoxies can handle higher moisture in concrete. Vapor is a problem when it is transmitted to the surface. This will occur when the vapor pressure in the concrete is higher than the air at the surface.

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Epoxy Flooring Maryland

Epoxy Flooring Maryland

While many business owners do pay attention to the appearance of their business, many tend to pay less attention to their floors. While residential floors play less of a role, industrial and commercial floors are vital to your business. Not only do you have to worry about what your floors look like, they also have to function correctly.

PennCoat Inc. has been providing flooring services in Maryland for nearly 30 years. Through experience and quality products, our company has perfected the process of industrial and commercial flooring. It doesn’t matter what kind of shape your flooring system is in, we have the tools and experience to bring your floors back to life.

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Comparing Polished Concrete and Epoxy Coatings

Polished Concrete Floors

Polished concrete flooring is fast becoming a popular option in both residential and commercial buildings. But how does it compare to epoxy coated concrete in an industrial building?

Epoxy Floors

There are a number of reasons to choose epoxy floors. They can last up to 20 years with proper care, but this is with maintenance and an environment where abrasion is not a major concern. There are tons of options for colors and the surfaces can be anything from matte to shiny.

Installation of epoxy flooring does have one significant benefit. The surface does not usually require grinding before application of the epoxy.

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Industrial Painting Services In Maryland

If you’re looking for industrial painting services in Maryland, you’ve come to the right place. When it comes to your business, nothing should be left to chance. And when it comes to the appearance of your industrial business, the overall look and style matters. For those of you that seek industrial painting services in Maryland or elsewhere, quality and experience are two defining elements that you should be looking for. When compared to the top industrial painting companies in Maryland, very few match the reputation of PennCoat Inc.

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Epoxy Coating Floor Prep Methods: Shot Blasting vs. Diamond Grinding

Shot Blasting or Diamond Grinding Your Concrete Floor

Putting a new epoxy or urethane coating on your cement floor is a great investment in your workspace. It would be silly to spend money on the coating product, but neglect the preparation of the surface beforehand. When applying a concrete coating, you will be faced with a decision of either shot blasting or diamond grinding your concrete.

Which is better? Like most questions in workspace improvement, the answer is “it depends.” Important questions you need to consider are cost, how damaged your surface is, and how much time you have.

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The High’s and Low’s of Solid Paint – Industrial Painting

High and Low Solids Paints

Years ago, paints and coatings traditionally did not have high solid content. Due to environmental concerns over air pollution from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) paint manufacturers were asked to lower the solvent content in their products to improve air quality.

Fortunately, this environmental issue led to the development of some great products.

High Solid Paints

A high solid paint is considered to be at least 65% solid components. This includes the binders, any additives and the pigments.

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