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Double Broadcast Decorative Micro-Chip Floor System

epoxy floor system

Installing a Double Broadcast, Decorative Micro-Chip Floor System

We were contacted by a local food manufacturing plant to improve their existing bathroom floor.  The existing floor was the same floor that had originally been installed when the facility was built.  Typically, with new construction, General Contractors seek the least expensive subcontractors to complete the work.  There is a compromise when seeking the least expensive subcontractors, and it’s typically quality in work.  During the site visitation, it was apparent that the cove was subjected to serious “sagging,” meaning that an epoxy, with insufficient viscosity properties, was used to trowel the cove.  The customer had been displeased with the appearance for a while, and requested a new cove to be installed, and expanded from 4″ to 8″.

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Commercial Painting Contractors In Pennsylvania

When it comes to the appearance of your business, both inside and out, having a professional look is very important. This is especially true for commercial businesses that have customers, employees and executives to consider. The appearance of your commercial business can suggest a lot about your company and how operations are ran. And if you’re searching for commercial painting contractors in Pennsylvania, you want to keep experience in mind.

For nearly 30 years, PennCoat Inc. has been serving the greater Pennsylvania area, providing both commercial painting and industrial painting services. Our main office is located in Landisville, Pennsylvania, allowing us easy access to our service areas that include Maryland, New Jersey and Delaware.

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Polished Concrete in Maryland – PennCoat, Inc.

Polished Concrete has been grinding its way to commercial and industrial locations all over America.  But one of the biggest locations has been in the Baltimore region, and the surrounding state of Maryland, and even Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

Polished concrete has become too unnoticeable to ignore, and brings to light some hardening questions about the floor: what is polished concrete, and what are its benefits?

Polished Concrete is the result of a successive grinding phases over a concrete slab.  Each proceeding grinding phase has finer diamond heads, that ultimately polish the concrete slab.  A comparison that is easy to consider is sanding wood.  Start with a heavier grade of sand paper, and keep increasing the grade, until the wood is nice and fine, similar to grinding concrete.

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