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Industrial Covering – How to cover and protect equipment for industrial painting.

Industrial Painting in Pennsylvania & Maryland

Cover & Protecting – Industrial Painting in Pennsylvania & Maryland

One of our favorite customers our of Philadelphia recently asked for our industrial painting services in one of their main production rooms.  PennCoat always enjoys a painting challenge, and gladly considered the project.  What they had to show us was a room that needed its ceiling painted.  The ceiling was corrugated, and lined with bar joists, sprinkler piping, lights, conduit, and a large air duct.  Ordinarily, this is a common challenge, and our approach is to pressure wash the substrates, and then paint the surfaces.

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Epoxy Flooring Contractors in Pennsylvania & Maryland – PennCoat

Epoxy Flooring Contractors in Pennsylvania & Maryland

Epoxy Flooring for Pharmaceutical Plants

One of our pharmaceutical customers was doing some renovations to its manufacturing plant.  The project involved pouring a new cement slab in the existing floor.

Epoxy flooring contractors in pennsylvania and maryland

Epoxy Flooring Contractors in pennsylvania and maryland

Obviously, the floor of this condition does not fit the pharmaceutical standards.  The plan was to pour the new cement, and then PennCoat would enter the picture, and install a 100% solids, seamless epoxy floor coating with a urethane topcoat.

The first step, after pouring the new concrete slab, was to prep the floor.  The area was too small to justify our large planetary grinder.  So, we selected to use 7″ hand grinders to prepare the floor.

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Corroded Tanks with an Urethane Finish – Industrial Painting

 Industrial Painting in Pennsylvania & Maryland

Industrial Painting Pennsylvania and Maryland

We were on site painting the exterior of a food manufacturing factory.  One of the site’s maintenance personal directed us towards their silo.  It was experiencing paint failure, where the system was not adhering properly to the substrate.

industrial painting pennsylvania/marylandThe coating can be seen blistering and bubble, and the exposed steel can be seen where the paint already failed, and was released from the substrate.  The result is an unsightly tank that exposes steel to the weather and other elements that can cause damage to the surface.

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Urethane Industrial Paint for Exterior Tanks

industrial painting pennsylvania

Industrial Painting for Fuel Tanks

We were called to the scene of an airport that owned some fuel tanks.  These fuel tanks were corroded and badly rusted, and were in need of an industrial coating that could withstand exposure to the outdoor elements.

rust industrial painting

Our first course of action was to pressure wash the tanks, to remove the failed coatings.  A potential issue PennCoat considered was the corroded surface may be exposed to chlorides, sulfates, and salts.  Salts can cause great damage to a new industrial coating, by causing pre-mature corrosion and adhesion failure.  To prevent this concern, PennCoat pressure washed the substrate with a material called Chlor-Rid.  This product is a salt soluble, and will remove the salt or sulfates that are still present on the substrate, that could ultimately impair the coating.

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