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Industrial Painting Steel in Corrosive Environments – PennCoat, Inc

industrial painting

Industrial Painting Steel in Corrosive Environments – PennCoat, Inc.

When you provide industrial painting services, it’s common to see a lot of corroded steel.  Steel that’s exposed to natural environments, such as snow, rain, hail, UV rays, high and low temps contribute to the deterioration of steel.  So when looking at steel frames and structures, it’s important to consider coatings that will help prevent this corrosion.  And one of the best methods it to apply a moisture cured urethane primer.

I recently ventured onto the rooftops of a food manufacturing facility in Hazleton, Pennsylvania.  The site owner’s request was to paint all of the corroded steel.  And what he had to show me was everything a corroded piece of steel could look like.

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PennCoat uses rust inhibiting paint for Industrial Painting

Rust Inhibiting Paint

Rust-inhibiting paint for steel surfaces forms a protective coating designed to keep rust from spreading.  It also protects fresh surfaces from ever experiencing corrosion in the first place. It can be laid on nearly any metal surface with the proper preparation, and is non-porous upon hardening which can prevent further damage from occurring.

Common uses include:

Rust inhibiting paint comes highly recommended for use on any metal surface which might be at risk of corroding.  It is also recommended for painting over surfaces which have already begun to experience oxidation in order to keep it from spreading further.

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Pedestrian Aisles ways

epoxy aisle ways

Installing epoxy Pedestrian Aisle Ways

A customer in Aberdeen, Maryland is looking to have pedestrian aisle ways installed in his facility’s warehouse.  Aisle ways are usually an excellent way to designate specific areas for employees and workers.  Too often, accidents occur because workers are not paying attention, or surrounding equipment operators are too busy to pay attention to pedestrians.  With the installation of aisle ways, both equipment operator and pedestrians have an understanding where a person should and shouldn’t be in a plant or facility.

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Rusty Tanks & Industrial Painting – PennCoat

Industrial Painting – Tank Rust Removal and Recoating Project

At Penncoat we have an interesting outlook on the term degree of difficulty. Give us rust spots – no problem. Put those rust spots 60’ in the air on tank silos – OK. Surround the area around the tank with grass and landscaping that isn’t meant to be driven over with lifts and other equipment – now we’re talking.

Every ‘less than ideal’ project that we encounter is a way to expand our portfolio and show potential customers our capabilities. It also gives our problem solving skills a workout and lets us know if we need to expand our equipment, tools, training, etc.

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Industrial Coatings – PennCoat Paints Tanks/Silos

industrial painting pennsylvania marylandPennCoat, Inc Provides Industrial Painting Solutions and Services in Pennsylvania and Maryland

We were contacted in late November about some tanks that needed coating.   This is common.  Companies will want to make big purchases at the end of the year to get more expenses on their books for their taxes.  This can be great because we’re often on the receiving end of the work.  However, the issue is that it can prove very problematic when you attempt to paint in cold weather.  Coatings won’t cure, meaning that they require a longer curing time, leaving them exposed to out door conditions longer.  And the longer uncured coatings sit outside, the more likely they are to get damaged due to weather problems, such as snow and rain.

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