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Industrial Painting Tanks In High Moisture Areas – PennCoat, Inc.

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Industrial Painting Tanks In High Moisture Areas

High moisture areas can be problematic for steal.  Appropriate coatings will need to include a rust-inhibitive primer, and moisture cured top coat that will help prevent any moisture from coming in contact with the surface.  Here’s PennCoat’s approach to a successful industrial coating project:

industrial painting contractors pennsylvania and maryland

We were contacted by a local power plant to address the aged coatings on their tanks.  This is a hydro power plant, which uses a lot of running water.  All that water creates mist and high amounts of humidity, which collectively corrode the steel.  As a result, the existing coating was beginning to show rust bleed through the edges, bolts, and some of the paneling.  To try and mitigate the corrosion, the customer installed touch-up patches over the heavily rusted areas.  However, it was known that the patches were only a temporary solution.  So, when it came time to apply fresh paint all over the substrate, they contacted us.

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Installing Industrial Floors in Meat Plants

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Industrial Floors in Cold Facilities

Although you can’t tell from the picture, that room is actually 45 degrees F.  And according to most tech sheets, it’s recommended that most epoxies be installed in 65 degrees or warmer.  So, when this meat and seafood processing plant called us about their desire to upgrade their floors, it was obvious that this project would require some additional project management and solutions.

The room pictured above has a thin film coating.  This room is the shipping area, where after the meat gets packaged, it is transferred by fork lifts, onto shipping vessels to be delivered to their destination.  And the fork lifts are what’s causing this floor to fail.  The customer is looking for a floor that will not peal and delaminate from the substrate, and will provide some slip-resistant texture.

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Clear Epoxy Coatings Installed by PennCoat, Inc.

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Clear Epoxy Coatings For High-Traffic Areas

Pigmented epoxy floors look great.  They add color, theme, and additional aesthetic features to any room.  However, one unforeseen caveat is that pigmented floors can show wear and tear.  Many customers desire a pigmented floor in hi-traffic areas.  The issue with that is that all that traffic, from fork-lifts, to pallet jacks, to steel toe boots, to office chairs, can create scratch marks, dirt trails, and other markings that easily contrast with a solid-color floor.  The beauty with a clear floor, is that is offers the same appearance as a concrete floor, but comes with the protection of epoxy.

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Industrial Painting Challenges in Manufacturing Areas

Industrial Painting Challenges in Manufacturing Areas

Often, industrial areas have operational equipment and machinery built into the room.  It’s impossible to move the equipment, making the project almost seem impossible to complete.  But, when food or pharmaceutical plants have corroded ceilings with flaking paint, it’s no longer allowed to be an impossible project.

So when a food facility let us know about their corroded ceiling with flaking paint and rust, it was obvious they were in dire need to find a solution.  So what we needed to do, was go into the plant, wash the corroded areas to remove rust and loose paint, and then apply a rust-inhibitive elastomeric paint system.  But before we could do any of that, we needed to address the operating equipment in the middle of the room.

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