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Industrial Painting Contractors – Performing A Site Assessment

industrial painting contractors penncoat

Sometimes you walk into a project, without knowing where to begin.  Sometimes you’ll see so much steel, ceiling, piping, siding, and everything that you almost feel intimidated.  And that’s what almost happened recently when I did a site visit for a metal fabrication plant.

Their plant is divided into 3 separate bays.  The two exterior bays had already been painted.  So now it was time to paint the center bay.  But as you notice in the picture above, there is a large amount of structural steel on the walls and ceiling, corrugated ceiling, wall siding (not shown in this picture), and additional piping and jibs that also needed painted.

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Chemical Resistant Epoxy Flooring In Food Manufacturing

chemical resistant epoxy contractorsChemical Resistant Epoxy Flooring In Wash Down Areas

I was contacted by a previous customer at a food facility in Lancaster, PA.  This facility is creating a new wash area for its fork lifts.  So what they did was remove the previous floor, and install a steel curb.

chemical resistant epoxy flooring contractors

As you look at the details in the picture, you can see that they anchored the new curb into the concrete.  Which is the best way to install a sound curb.  But, as you can see, the existing urethane cement floor was removed.  So the customer contacted me, to repair the areas.

When I went out for a site visit, I asked the customer what the area was going to be used for.  It was going to be a wash area for fork lifts.  And he said that the detergent used to wash the area can contain phosphoric acid at 5% concentrate.  Phosphoric acid as an aggressive cleaner, and most epoxies can’t tolerate cleaners with this much phosphoric acid.  So I proposed a novolac top coat.  Novolacs are phenol-formaldehyde resins that can tolerate high exposures to aggressive chemicals.  These types of epoxy are the best performing coatings against aggressive chemicals.

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Installing Safety Pedestrian Lines In Existing Facility

pedestrian walkway lines epoxy flooring maryland

 Installing Safety Pedestrian Lines With Epoxy

I was contacted by a facility manager in Aberdeen, Maryland.  He was looking to add 1000 linear feet of aisle way lines in his facility.  His facility was already coated, but it did not have any lines or floor markings.

pedestrian walkway lines epoxy flooring

The project is certainly feasible.  But ultimately, this always becomes a question of whether the site manager should install lines or aisle ways.  Lines are easier to install, and require less labor.  So the obvious benefit is that they are more cost-effective compared to aisle ways.

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Assessing Hospital Flooring for An Epoxy Installation In Baltimore

epoxy flooring baltimore hospital

 Epoxy Flooring In Baltimore Hospital

A hospital in Baltimore called me to the scene.  The floor was pieced together with sheets of laminate flooring.  But the laminate flooring was beginning to degrade, due to the human liquids, and chemicals that are consistently exposed to the floor.  Laminate flooring is commonly used for residential or commercial use, not industrial use, or areas that receive a lot of chemical exposure such as bleach.

Additionally, the laminate flooring was well adhered to the substrate.

baltimore epoxy flooring

The substrate is concrete, which is what you’d want your epoxy or urethane cement primer bonded to.  So, accessing the concrete will be very difficult and require some tough labor.

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