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epoxy floor installers

Epoxy Flooring Contractors – Decorative Floors

epoxy flooring contractors

PennCoat’s Epoxy Flooring Contractors Install Decorative Floors

Are you looking at the picture above and thinking how unsightly it is?  If you’re not, then maybe it’s because you haven’t seen a nice decorative floor finish.

epoxy floor system

Here’s a picture of a nice, decorative broadcast floor system.  And when you compare this picture to the previous one, it’s pretty obvious which one provides the superior presentation.  But these decorative floors aren’t easy to install.  When you compare this floor to the previous floor, the previous floor is a lot easier to install, and doesn’t require the same skill set that the decorative floor requires.  But don’t be intimidated.  Here’s the breakdown for how to install a decorative flooring system:

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Facility Painting – Elastomeric Coatings on Building Exteriors

commercial painting contractors

Commercial Painting – Building Exteriors

When you get the call to look at a building exterior, you never what type of substrate you’re going to run into.  You could see fluted columns, or stucco siding, or vinyl siding, or steel, or a plethora of other substrates that permeates into a complex assessment of various coatings.  And when you’re looking at these varying surfaces, you’ll never know what the surface’s absorption rate is, nor can you accurately assess how much weather this area will be exposed to.   So here’s a list of some exterior substrates that are common among the facilities.

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Facility Painting – Painting CMU, Masonry, and other Structural Block

commercial painting servicesCommercial Painting – How To Paint CMU, Masonry, and other Structural Block

Block walls, brick, masonry, CMU, and other type of structural block can often bee challenging to paint.  It’s porous, rigid, and highly profiled, creating unique challenges that require specialized coatings, and proper equipment to ensure that the material is adhering to the surface.  Additionally, block is stationed outdoors, so in most cases, not only are you dealing with the rigid substrate, but you’re also dealing with the difficult weather conditions that exterior coatings are exposed to.

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Benefits of Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete and its desirable side effects

Polished concrete is becoming a trendy flooring option for industrial, commercial, and even residential locations.  It’s durability, ease-of-maintenance, and improved ambient lighting all increase the value of the floor and its performance.  Polished concrete floors are gaining traction in some of the most industrial and commercial areas in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey.  The most popular counties include Baltimore, Philadelphia, Harrisburg, York, Lancaster, Chester, Dauphin, and other within the region.  Here are 4 of PennCoat’s favorite benefits to polished concrete floors:

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