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GSH Labeling Guide For Industrial Painting and Epoxy Flooring Contractors

industrial painting contractor

Global Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals

Industrial painting contractors and epoxy flooring contractors often deal with hazardous liquids.  But at first glance, many of these liquids can appear to be harmless buckets of thick, colored liquid.  But once you begin to see what they liquids are made of, you’ll be more aware of their potential to harm and cause damage to your health.

So, in an initiative to make anyone handling these items safer, the United Nations created the GSH (Global Harmonized System) of labeling.  This labeling was designed to be legible for anyone, anywhere,  so that anyone using these materials could understand the potential hazards.

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Different Types of Construction Lifts for Industrial Painting Contractors


Get The Right Aerial Lift For A Successful Industrial Painting Project

Industrial painting contractors see Industrial and commercial painting projects in all different shapes and sizes.  Some projects are interior, while others are exterior.  Some areas are directly above your head, while others are disproportionately angled.  And some areas might be on uneven grass or gravel, while others are positioned beneath level concrete slabs.

But regardless of what type of project you’re trying to estimate and plan out, here are some of the most common aerial lifts that can benefit an industrial painting contractor.

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Industrial Painting Contractors – Prep & Application

industrial painting contractors

Hire Industrial Painting Contractors to Finish Tough Jobs

I was contacted by a local fabrication company.  These guys weld large structural steel objects that include air handler units, frames, and other piece of customized steel structures.  This cold box that they’re currently welding weighs about 150,000 pounds.  It is 46′ Long x 12′ Wide, and 11′ Tall.  But it needs an industrial coating, so they reached out for an industrial painting contractor to complete the project.

industrial painting contractors

Half Primed / Half Not

As you can see in both pictures, some of the steel is primed with a green mastic epoxy.  While the remaining steel is exposed.  So the first thing our industrial painting contractors had to do was wipe down the exposed steel.  When welding, there is often an oily residue left on the steel substrate.  This oil help creates cleaner weld lines.  But it works against the paint’s ability to bond with the substrate.  So the oily residue needed to be removed with denatured alcohol.

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Industrial Painting Contractors – Facility Painting To Stop Ceiling Corrossion

Bring In the Proper Industrial Painting Contractors For the Best Install

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When dealing with food and pharmaceutical plants, you can often run into corrosive cleaners.  The cleaners are required to ensure that any bacteria is completely cleaned from the surfaces and equipment that is used to prepare and cook the food.  But often these cleaners get exposed to the wrong areas, and can actually degrade and corrode some of the industrial coatings.  And in this case, at a condiment plant, this ceiling gets exposed to vinegar vapor, a strong acidic mist, that casually corrodes the building paint.

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