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Industrial Painting Contractors

Industrial Paint Fading

Our Team Of Experienced Industrial Painting Contractors

PennCoat Inc. has been providing industrial painting services in the NorthEast for nearly 30 years. With decades of experience and a safety rating second to none, our experienced industrial painting contractors are the heart of our operations. While those in Eastern Pennsylvania know the PennCoat name, our goal is to become your top solutions in the coatings and restoration industries.

PennCoat Inc. is located in Landisville, Pennsylvania. Our industrial painting contractors provide services in Central Pennsylvania, Eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey and Delaware. Over the years, we’ve worked on a multitude of industrial facilities, from plants to manufacturers.

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Industrial Flooring – PennCoat Does Patch Work

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Floor Repairs For Industrial Facilities.

Industrial facilities can be a brutal environment.  Fork lifts, cranes, machinery, compressors, balers, etc. can all do serious damage to the facility.  And the biggest receiver of this brute force is typically the floors.

I was contacted by a banana plant to look at a large floor repair.  We’ve dealt with floor repairs before, and have a good understanding of the amount of work and material is required to adequately fix the area.

Firstly, it’s not a decorative finish.  The purpose of a floor repair is to try and return the floor to its original strength and integrity.  This requires excessive demo, and material stronger than epoxy.

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Industrial Painting Wooden Trusses & Ceilings – PennCoat, Inc.

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Industrial Painting – Facility Ceilings

Industrial painting often involves dirty, dusty, bedraggled, and crummy ceilings.  And often, if those ceilings are in abandoned parts of manufacturing facilities, then they can become worst than what was described.  And that’s what we’re currently dealing with.

A general contractor secured a project to update a large facility.  And then that general contractor reached out to us to clean and paint the ceilings.  And being part of our business, we submitted a price, and was awarded the job.

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Facility Equipment Painting – PennCoat, Inc.


Painting Equipment For Industrial Environments

Sometimes, there’s more to an industrial environment than the actual foundation and building.  Sometimes, a few of these industrial buildings actually have industrial equipment.  And when that industrial equipment gets used to fabricate, or compress, or treat, they can become very dirty and corrode.  So it’s common to find facilities that need their equipment painted with protective coatings.

I was contacted by a manufacturing facility in Baltimore, Maryland, looking for an industrial painting contractor.  And when I went to visit his facility, it presented with nearly 200 pieces of equipment that needed clensed and coated.

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Industrial Safety – Avoid Breathing Airborne Toxins and Debris

Safety Precautions When Using Industrial Paints or Grinding Concrete

Whether you’re applying new coatings, or you’re preparing concrete to receive fresh epoxy or urethane cement, there are numerous factors to consider before beginning the work.  And one of the biggest factors is how to sustain air quality.

Grinding Concrete:

Grinding concrete is an important step for installing epoxy.  But when you grind the concrete, you release silicates into the air.  And these silicates can cause serious damage to your lungs, including cancer.

Here are some great products to prevent silicates from entering your body:

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Aggressive Texture For Wafer Dust – Epoxy Flooring Contractors

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Install Epoxy Floors With Aggressive Texture In Food Plants To Prevent Slip Hazards

I was contacted by one of our food manufacturing customers about some epoxy flooring solutions.  In one of their production lines, they use a lot of wafers.  But these wafers have a habit of crumbling onto the floor.  What this does is create a very slippery surface that could cause harm to anyone walking over the surface.  So the customer asked for a slip-resistant solution for wafer crumbs.

After a close examination, it was revealed that their existing floor did have texture.  It was grouted twice with epoxy, making a nice floor that ordinarily would have been slip resistant under wet conditions.  But these conditions with dry crumbs created a new level of slip hazards that required more than your standard texture.

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Increasing Facility Safety – Installing Stencil STOPS for Fork Lift Traffic

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Facility Safety Can Be Supplemented With Epoxy Coatings

The picture above is a “STOP” sign that was installed into this facility’s concrete.  The facility has a lot of forklifts driving through aisles and racking, which intersects with pedestrian walkways.  It was the customer’s request to install some fork lift “STOPS,” to increase the safety for the pedestrians.  Although this sounds like an easy procedure, there are numerous steps needed to make sure the stencils are well adhered to the floor.  Remember, fork lifts can weigh over 3000 pounds, and a solid floor is required to ensure its longevity.

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