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Textured Floors For Increased Safety – PennCoat Epoxy Floors


Decreasing Facility Hazards with Epoxy Flooring

We were contacted by a facility about increasing the slip-resistance around their dock doors.  Currently, whenever the dock floors get cold and wet, they get to be very slippery, causing fork-lifts to slip and slide.  And an out-of-control fork-lift is a huge safety concern.

epoxy flooring maryland

So our solution was to increase the floor’s slip-resistance.   But achieving this isn’t as simple as laying textured tape onto the floor.  When dealing with fork lifts, you have to consider the weight of the machines, and also that these fork lifts are dragging skids across the floor.  That’s a lot of pressure and tension being exposed to the floor.  So it’s important to find an epoxy coating that can tolerate this type of environment.

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Adequate Prep Work For Industrial Flooring – PennCoat, Inc.

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There are numerous methods to address industrial flooring.  And in the picture above, the obvious method is to fix it.  But how do you accomplish that?  Do you scarify it?  Do you acid etch it?  Should you just recoat it with an atypical epoxy?

If you didn’t think to ask any of these questions, then you’re probably not in the industrial flooring business.  But if you knew of these questions, but were unsure on how to answer them, then you may be in the flooring business, but may not know the answers.  So here are the answers.

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Commercial Painting in Industrial Environments – PennCoat, Inc.

Even industrial environments have commercial areas.  Offices, conference rooms, hallways, they’re all considered commercial areas.  And in this pharmaceutical packaging plant, there is an area that has the profile of a commercial setting.

img_6570 I was contacted by a plant engineer.  He had a project where his facility needed to repaint the walls, window frames, doors, and door frames in their clean packaging room.  I was curious, because the existing coatings seemed to be in good condition.  But after further investigation, my contact revealed that the current coatings are not compliant with the ISO rating they are trying to achieve.

What they need is an epoxy coating that can handle a detergent washing.  Their current coating is an acrylic, and it doesn’t  hold up to the detergent wiping that the walls receive.  So in order for them to register as ISO certified, their walls need a new product applied.

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PennCoat Epoxy Flooring – The Dangers of Crystalline Silica

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Epoxy Flooring and polished concrete can create nice, durable finishes in your customers.  But there’s a looming death-threat behind the final finish.

Crystilline Silica is the threat.  Concrete is made from a plethora of industrial ingredients that present durability and strength.  But when that material gets ground and prepped for an epoxy coating installation, then it becomes an airborne dust.  This dust is the crystilline silica.

According to OSHA, 2.3 million workers are exposed to concrete dust containing silica.  A majority of these workers reside in the construction industry.  However, a few belong in manufacturing, specifically masonry, foundries, fracking, and other areas that involves breaking down rock.

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