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Epoxy Flooring Before And After

PennCoat, Inc. provides solution to Osmotic Blistering

Osmotic Blistering


Osmotic blistering can be one of the biggest concerns for coating installers.  However, regardless of its disastrous effects, there are preventive measures that experienced coating applicants can apply.

Breakdown of Osmotic Blistering, and preventive solutions:

  • What is osmotic blistering?
  • How does osmotic blistering damage floor system applications?
  • How do coating specialists prevent this floor system disaster?

Osmotic blistering is an invisible enemy for almost all coating applications.  It is damaging and costly.  When searching for a coating application installer, it is important to find one that has the experience and resources to combat this hazard.  PennCoat, Inc. has over 25 years of application experience, and can help determine if your floors are susceptible to these invisible enemies.  And if they are susceptible, PennCoat, Inc. will provide viable solutions to prevent blistering or bubbling in a floor system application.

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