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Benefits of Polyaspartic Coatings


Applications Of Polyaspartic Coating

 Polyaspartic represents a class of binders which combines low VOC properties with high productivity and at the same time maintains the quality requirements of the users. The binders can help in lowering cost in many different ways. Polyaspartic is basically an aliphatic polyurea, but the coatings based on polyaspartic differ, not only in application, but also in performance properties compared to other conventional polyureas.  Polyaspartic coatings were developed about 20 years ago for coating steel, in order to prevent corrosion. Its high performance led to experimenting as a concrete coating. Two components were mixed with each other like an epoxy, applied by rolling on a concrete surface. Also, colored pigments can be added and decorative quartz or chips can be broadcasted into the wet coat. The top coat that is encapsulated over the quartz and chips yields an ornamental result.

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