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PennCoat’s epoxy flooring contractors in Maryland have years of experience providing high quality flooring services.

Relevant Tint for Intermediate Coats of Epoxy

epoxy flooring with poor hide

Here’s a prime example of why an epoxy floor system needs a fully tinted top coat.What you’re looking at is an epoxy novolac top coat.  And those dark spots are the intermediate coat poking through the top coat.

Epoxy floors are most beneficial when they have multiple layers of epoxy.  Base coats allow for outgassing, intermediate coats add some beef to the system, and the top coat is usually the performance coat.

And as long as each epoxy coat is compatible and installed within the recoat window, you could expect exceptional adhesion between all the coats.

But the one overlooked feature of these floors is the color.  And if your color between the intermediate and the top coat aren’t lining up, then you could have a spotty, unprofessional floor.

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Industrial Flooring – PennCoat Does Patch Work

epoxy flooring maryland

Floor Repairs For Industrial Facilities.

Industrial facilities can be a brutal environment.  Fork lifts, cranes, machinery, compressors, balers, etc. can all do serious damage to the facility.  And the biggest receiver of this brute force is typically the floors.

I was contacted by a banana plant to look at a large floor repair.  We’ve dealt with floor repairs before, and have a good understanding of the amount of work and material is required to adequately fix the area.

Firstly, it’s not a decorative finish.  The purpose of a floor repair is to try and return the floor to its original strength and integrity.  This requires excessive demo, and material stronger than epoxy.

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Urethane Cement installed by PennCoat Inc – Easy Solutions for Tough Environments

Urethane Cement Flooring Contractors

Urethane Cement


Because of its strength, durability, and resistance to chemicals, Urethane Cement proves to be the most resourceful floor coating system for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.

Breakdown of industrial benefits:

–          Durability – recommended for medium to heavy duty applications

–          Excellent chemical and stain resistance

–          Slip-resistant

–          Heat resistant

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