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Our epoxy flooring contractors at Penn Coat Inc. have decades of experience and provide high quality epoxy floors for your Pennsylvania business.

Slip Resistant Coatings & Their Aggregates

Slip-resistant floors are common in many facilities due to their safety.  But how slip resistant they are is dependent on which type of aggregate implemented into the coating.

Epoxy flooring contractors have the common challenge of discovering how much slip resistance a facility needs.  And although it’s easy to assume that the more texture the better, more aggregate and texture brings with it some additional challenges.

And the biggest challenge is that they can be difficult to clean if there is too much aggregate.  Mops get stuck, and dirt gets trapped.  And when floors can’t be sanitized properly, it becomes an issue for the facility.  So the amount of aggregate, and which type of aggregate becomes an important question.

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Relevant Tint for Intermediate Coats of Epoxy

epoxy flooring with poor hide

Here’s a prime example of why an epoxy floor system needs a fully tinted top coat.What you’re looking at is an epoxy novolac top coat.  And those dark spots are the intermediate coat poking through the top coat.

Epoxy floors are most beneficial when they have multiple layers of epoxy.  Base coats allow for outgassing, intermediate coats add some beef to the system, and the top coat is usually the performance coat.

And as long as each epoxy coat is compatible and installed within the recoat window, you could expect exceptional adhesion between all the coats.

But the one overlooked feature of these floors is the color.  And if your color between the intermediate and the top coat aren’t lining up, then you could have a spotty, unprofessional floor.

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Understanding Tech Data Sheets: Impact Resistance

Impact Resistance

The impact resistance, or toughness, of a material is its ability to absorb energy without fracturing or rupturing, even if it plastically deforms. Technically, it is the integral of energy divided by volume, aka the stress-strain curve we’ve discussed in previous blogs. It is similar to resilience, except the upper limit of integration is unrestricted. There are several ways to measure impact resistance, including the Izod Impact Test:

and the Charpy impact tests:

But the materials we commonly use at PennCoat frequently undergo the Navy’s MIL-D-3134J Military Specification for Deck Covering Materials, which addresses materials used to cover shipboard interior decks in sanitary and other wet spaces. The Navy classification scheme is as follows:

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The Importance of Material Hardness for PennCoat’s Applications

Material Hardness

The makers of the coatings and paints we use at PennCoat publish extensive technical information about the ingredients, properties and safety of each product. We use this information when selecting the best product for each application. For example, when we apply a cementitious urethane surface, we are looking for a material that will withstand heavy traffic — in other words, a hard surface.

How Hard Is It?

Hardness is a physical characteristic of matter that describes its resistance to indentation, scratches or compressive forces. For the most part, the strength of a material is a function of intermolecular bonds holding it together. Various methods and devices have been developed to quantify a material’s hardness. When dealing with polymers and elastomers, the test of choice is known as the Shore durometer test, where the word durometer refers to the measuring device and to the unit of measure. The instrument is named after Albert F Shore, who defined the durometer scale.

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PennCoat Epoxy Coatings – Aliphatic Urethanes

PennCoat Epoxy Flooring - Aliphatic Urethane Top Coat

Aliphatic Urethane

You can choose among several classes of topcoats when you need to protect a surface such as a floor. Two popular types of topcoats are those made from epoxy and those made from aliphatic urethanes. The epoxy topcoat will give good results in a range of applications, but aliphatic urethanes display superior performance, including resistance to abrasion, chemicals and UV light. They are environmentally friendly and emit little odor. These characteristics stem from the primary ingredient in aliphatic urethane: hexamethylene diisocyanate (HDI) and its homopolymer.

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Urethane Cement installed by PennCoat Inc – Easy Solutions for Tough Environments

Urethane Cement Flooring Contractors

Urethane Cement


Because of its strength, durability, and resistance to chemicals, Urethane Cement proves to be the most resourceful floor coating system for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.

Breakdown of industrial benefits:

–          Durability – recommended for medium to heavy duty applications

–          Excellent chemical and stain resistance

–          Slip-resistant

–          Heat resistant

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