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Commercial Painting Contractors Install Pedestrian Walkway Lines

pedestrian walkway lines epoxy flooring maryland

Installing lines in facilities has many meanings and reasons.  But the most critical reason is to direct and guide pedestrians.  And by maximizing the adhesive power of epoxy, commercial painting contractors have been able to help guide those pedestrians out of harms’ way.

Floor markings and lines serve a great purpose in manufacturing facilities.  And one of the biggest reasons that those markings are so highly coveted are for safety reasons and organization.

Industrial painting contractors and commercial painting contractors have the experience, product knowledge, and manpower to install the longest lasting lines.  Which is critical in areas that receive a lot of fork lift traffic, and equipment.

But besides knowing which product to use, there are varying ways to install these coveted lines.  And then there are ways that don’t work so well.  But incase you need to check the floor temperature, consider these industrial thermometers to ensure you’re prepared.  So here are the best ways that commercial painting contractors have installed pedestrian walk way lines:

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Choosing a paint for Equipment Painting

Painting equipment is one of the most common requests for industrial painters.  From finding the appropriate coating, to discovering the best prep method, to minimizing sensitive computer components.  There are a number of factors that need to be considered before embarking on an incredible painting journey into the angular movements of equipment painting.

equipment painting

In the world of big industry, there are innumerable operations that equipment can perform.  And sometimes that performance requires highly concentrated coolants and oils that can keep the machinery operating.  And other times, that equipment contains highly sensitive computer boards that need to be protected from excessive amounts of water.

But when an owner whats his old, dated pieces of equipment freshened up with a new coat of paint, it proves to be very challenging.

Firstly, as with any painting project, the prep method is going to require a lot of thought and consideration.  As mentioned, modern equipment can contain a lot of computers and electronics.  And if those electronics get wet, it can completely damage the entire piece.  However, sometimes that piece will be caked with old coolant or motor oil.  And if the surface is too saturated with oil, then the adhesion will be compromised.

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Industrial Painting Contractors

Industrial Paint Fading

Our Team Of Experienced Industrial Painting Contractors

PennCoat Inc. has been providing industrial painting services in the NorthEast for nearly 30 years. With decades of experience and a safety rating second to none, our experienced industrial painting contractors are the heart of our operations. While those in Eastern Pennsylvania know the PennCoat name, our goal is to become your top solutions in the coatings and restoration industries.

PennCoat Inc. is located in Landisville, Pennsylvania. Our industrial painting contractors provide services in Central Pennsylvania, Eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey and Delaware. Over the years, we’ve worked on a multitude of industrial facilities, from plants to manufacturers.

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Different Types of Construction Lifts for Industrial Painting Contractors


Get The Right Aerial Lift For A Successful Industrial Painting Project

Industrial painting contractors see Industrial and commercial painting projects in all different shapes and sizes.  Some projects are interior, while others are exterior.  Some areas are directly above your head, while others are disproportionately angled.  And some areas might be on uneven grass or gravel, while others are positioned beneath level concrete slabs.

But regardless of what type of project you’re trying to estimate and plan out, here are some of the most common aerial lifts that can benefit an industrial painting contractor.

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Industrial Painting Contractors – Prep & Application

industrial painting contractors

Hire Industrial Painting Contractors to Finish Tough Jobs

I was contacted by a local fabrication company.  These guys weld large structural steel objects that include air handler units, frames, and other piece of customized steel structures.  This cold box that they’re currently welding weighs about 150,000 pounds.  It is 46′ Long x 12′ Wide, and 11′ Tall.  But it needs an industrial coating, so they reached out for an industrial painting contractor to complete the project.

industrial painting contractors

Half Primed / Half Not

As you can see in both pictures, some of the steel is primed with a green mastic epoxy.  While the remaining steel is exposed.  So the first thing our industrial painting contractors had to do was wipe down the exposed steel.  When welding, there is often an oily residue left on the steel substrate.  This oil help creates cleaner weld lines.  But it works against the paint’s ability to bond with the substrate.  So the oily residue needed to be removed with denatured alcohol.

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Industrial Painting Contractors – Facility Painting To Stop Ceiling Corrossion

Bring In the Proper Industrial Painting Contractors For the Best Install

industrial painting contractorss

When dealing with food and pharmaceutical plants, you can often run into corrosive cleaners.  The cleaners are required to ensure that any bacteria is completely cleaned from the surfaces and equipment that is used to prepare and cook the food.  But often these cleaners get exposed to the wrong areas, and can actually degrade and corrode some of the industrial coatings.  And in this case, at a condiment plant, this ceiling gets exposed to vinegar vapor, a strong acidic mist, that casually corrodes the building paint.

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Industrial Painting Contractors – Performing A Site Assessment

industrial painting contractors penncoat

Sometimes you walk into a project, without knowing where to begin.  Sometimes you’ll see so much steel, ceiling, piping, siding, and everything that you almost feel intimidated.  And that’s what almost happened recently when I did a site visit for a metal fabrication plant.

Their plant is divided into 3 separate bays.  The two exterior bays had already been painted.  So now it was time to paint the center bay.  But as you notice in the picture above, there is a large amount of structural steel on the walls and ceiling, corrugated ceiling, wall siding (not shown in this picture), and additional piping and jibs that also needed painted.

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Rusty Tanks & Industrial Painting – PennCoat

Industrial Painting – Tank Rust Removal and Recoating Project

At Penncoat we have an interesting outlook on the term degree of difficulty. Give us rust spots – no problem. Put those rust spots 60’ in the air on tank silos – OK. Surround the area around the tank with grass and landscaping that isn’t meant to be driven over with lifts and other equipment – now we’re talking.

Every ‘less than ideal’ project that we encounter is a way to expand our portfolio and show potential customers our capabilities. It also gives our problem solving skills a workout and lets us know if we need to expand our equipment, tools, training, etc.

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Industrial Coatings – PennCoat Paints Tanks/Silos

industrial painting pennsylvania marylandPennCoat, Inc Provides Industrial Painting Solutions and Services in Pennsylvania and Maryland

We were contacted in late November about some tanks that needed coating.   This is common.  Companies will want to make big purchases at the end of the year to get more expenses on their books for their taxes.  This can be great because we’re often on the receiving end of the work.  However, the issue is that it can prove very problematic when you attempt to paint in cold weather.  Coatings won’t cure, meaning that they require a longer curing time, leaving them exposed to out door conditions longer.  And the longer uncured coatings sit outside, the more likely they are to get damaged due to weather problems, such as snow and rain.

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Winter Painting – Keeping the Industrial Painting Projects Indoors – PennCoat, Inc

Industrial painting projects in the winter are limited.  Firstly, a lot of paints, such as epoxies and urethanes, are difficult to apply in temperatures below 50 degrees.  The have a higher viscocity, making the application process a burden, and they take a longer time to cure, due to the cold weather.  But not only does the material present a problem, accessing the substrates outdoors can also be problematic.  Cold weather can affect the applicators performance, and if there is a large accumulation of snowfall, then there is issues with mobility.

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