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Confined Space Safety Considerations Commercial Painting

confined space industrial painting

Confined space is one of the most commonly overlooked hazards in any industrial environment.  But even though it is commonly overlooked, it is still a common situation that facility painters and floor installers get thrown into.

So here’s a recent confined space project that we recently completed, and the safety steps we took to ensure the safety of our installers.

Waste oil is very difficult to hold and contain.  Firstly, whatever is containing the oil, needs to be coated with a product that offers a lot of chemical resistance.  But not only does it need to have a lot of chemical resistance, it also needs to have excellent adhesion because the holding container is going to be so saturated with the oil, that nearly nothing will want to stick to it.  So, as is with any coating project, the prep work will be vital to the performance of the coating.

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Industrial Safety – Avoid Breathing Airborne Toxins and Debris

Safety Precautions When Using Industrial Paints or Grinding Concrete

Whether you’re applying new coatings, or you’re preparing concrete to receive fresh epoxy or urethane cement, there are numerous factors to consider before beginning the work.  And one of the biggest factors is how to sustain air quality.

Grinding Concrete:

Grinding concrete is an important step for installing epoxy.  But when you grind the concrete, you release silicates into the air.  And these silicates can cause serious damage to your lungs, including cancer.

Here are some great products to prevent silicates from entering your body:

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