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Floor Lines or Aisles – Which Serves Better For the Pedestrian: Part 1

Industrial and Commercial Coatings can help improve your facility’s safety for pedestrians.  But which serves better: pedestrian floor lines or aisles?  Here’s the breakdown for when and where to choose one over the other:

Floor Lines:

pedestrian walkway lines epoxy flooring maryland

Looking at the picture, it’s easy to see the benefit in the floor lines.  They are highly visible, and pedestrians instantly know to stay within the aisles.  But let’s attempt to look beyond the function, and get a closer look at the installation process.

Prepping for Floor Lines:

Floor lines don’t receive the same prep work that coatings typically receive.  The problem with diamond grinding for aisles, is that the diamond grinding head is wider than the actual aisle line.  So, when you go to install the aisle line, you would see the chewed up concrete.  Which would make for an unsightly finish.

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