Guide to Resinous Flooring Systems

Resinous floors will improve the durability and resistance of your existing floors. However, there is a multitude of coatings available that boast different properties, making some better options for specific applications than other floorings. Making the most informed decision requires knowing about all the types of floor resins available, including their advantages and applications. Following this guide to floor coatings can make that decision easier.
1. Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy coatings are perhaps the best-known types resinous floor coatings. They have multiple […]


Exterior Coatings Designed for Expanding and Contracting Surfaces

Expanding and contracting metal surfaces require flexible industrial coatings.
Dust collectors are important pieces of equipment for facilities.  However, their outdoor locations make them vulnerable to fluctuating temperatures and inclement weather.  So when specifying an industrial coating system, it’s important to recognize these environmental challenges that compromise the integrity of both the substrate and coating.
Varying temperatures can cause sheet metal to expand and contract, creating an unstable surface.  Additionally, the ultra violet rays and moisture can cause discoloration and delamination.  And although hard […]


Aggressive Floor Prep Work for Epoxy Coatings

Removing epoxy coatings from concrete is common practice in the epoxy flooring business.  But although common, it never easy, and can often be a big gamble when estimating time and material.
Epoxy coating removal is a necessary step when polishing concrete, or when a failed coating needs to be removed.  However, although saying “removing epoxy” is easy, the actual process is much more difficult.
The most important thing to look for when assessing a demo floor job, is how thick the […]


How to deal with Facility and Warehouse Joints

Whenever dealing with concrete, there are always going to be floor joints.  But how do you deal with joints when sealing the floor becomes a priority?  Well, here are some of the most common methods for how to deal with concrete joints.
First, you should know which type of joint you’re dealing with.
There are a few different types of joints:

Isolation Joints – these joints occur at the perimeter of the slab and where there are openings to allow for columns. […]


Commercial Painting Problems & Solutions – Cracking

Commercial Painting comes with its inherent challenges.  And if not applied correctly, those challenges can present themselves in unflattering ways.
Here’s how paint becomes victim to cracking and flaking:
When studying the problems, you’ll notice that the cracking occurs through the entire film of paint, all the way to the substrate.  This is a common problem when underlying coats of paint are applied to existing coats that have not been adequately prepped.
The underlying coats lose their elasticity.  Which means that they can’t bend […]


Industrial Painting Companies In Pennsylvania

Preventing elemental damages to your industrial business should always be a high concern for all owners. The appearance of your business is often the first thing customers see, keeping a professional look that represents your brand is important. So where do you turn when your industrial business needs help?
If you’re looking for the most experienced industrial painting companies in Pennsylvania, PennCoat Inc. is a leading choice. PennCoat Inc. has been providing industrial painting services in Pennsylvania for nearly 30 […]