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There's more to industrial coatings then watching paint dry. And the professional applicator can testify to all the shortfalls that can occur on the job site Our Industrial Painting and Flooring Forum is meant to help prevent those shortfalls, by offering valuable wisdom and insight. Post your questions, post your answers, and help improve the industrial coatings' trade.


Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy, Urthanes, Polyaspartics, Polyureas, Urethane Cement, Floor Prep: It's all covered here.

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Industrial Painting

From substrate challenges, to surface prep considerations, to dynamic coatings.

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Polished Concrete

Hard bonds? Medium Bonds? Concrete hardness? Exposes aggregate? Burnishing? We tackle the Polished Concrete process.

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Project Safety

Safety's always a concern, and knowing what dangers to look for prior to starting a project can help avoid accidents.

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